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ALERT: 🚨New Sales Lead 🚨

Olivia Bibbee

If you are like me, you love it when the phone is ringing and your email is full of new leads.

If you don’t have a steady stream of New Lead Alerts, then this blog is for you.

If your law firm is ranking in the Top 3 spots in Google Screened Local Service Ads (LSAs), you’re probably getting dozens of these “New Sales Lead” emails every week. 

If you have fallen out of the Top 3 results for Google Screened or Google Maps and SEO – we can help!

At Ten Golden Rules, we’ve deciphered what we call Google’s Secret Algorithm to help you get back in the Top 3. 

For Google Screened Local Service Ads LSAs we manage over 100 LSA (and Google Maps) locations for law firms across the country. We have invented new programs and tested dozens of options to get our clients in the Top 3.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough 🚨New Sales Lead ALERT 🚨 we’d be happy to set up a free consultation and get you back in the Top 3!