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Amazing Artificial Intelligence (Ai) for Law Firms

Olivia Bibbee

At their Annual Conference, Ryan Anderson, CEO of Filevine said “Ai will replace lawyers…who fail to adapt with it.”

Lawyers, the time is now! Artificial Intelligence can perform many tasks that lawyers are currently responsible for. It has massive research capabilities and it can do Med Chrons and write a demand letter.

We recently held a live webinar covering the topic “Amazing Artificial Intelligence for Law Firms” with two Ai visionaries, Attorney Justin Lovely and Filevine’s Futurist Chris Smith.

During this event, guests discovered Ai that will revolutionize legal practice:

  • How to use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to draft Med Chrons and Demand Letters
  • Best uses of ChatGPT
  • Discover Filevine’s news Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • Will ChatGPT wipe out Google Search?
  • Preview Cool Ai Tools for legal: Crystal Knows, PimEyes, Flicki, SettLIT, DemandAi, LawDroi & Harvey.Ai

Click here to watch the recording live webinar:

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