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AOL Expands Pay-Per-Click and Other Advertising Offerings


For many years, search engine marketers have known that if you want your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to show on AOL, you needed to do it through Google AdWords. However, that is about to change because this week AOL launched the new AOL Search Marketplace, which accepts PPC ads exclusive for the Web search engine site, not just AdWords.

So what should advertisers keep in mind when considering whether or not they want to advertise on the new AOL Search Marketplace?

These new PPC ads run exclusively on the AOL Web search engine site, not on Google AdWords so your ads should target the AOL audience. It’s not just PPC Ads, AOL is also offering advertisers the ability to coordinate third-party display ads from AOL’s partner, video advertising and performance ads on the AOL Search network, which attracts more than 36 million unique visitors each month.

In an article covering the new AOL Search Marketplace, Chris Sherman from Search Engine Land highlights the results of the beta test. When AOL tested AOL Search Marketplace with 20 advertisers, the results were positive and most are increasing the spend on their campaigns based on the results the program delivered.

So internet marketers, get out your testing hats and give the new AOL Search Marketplace a try.