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Apple Said Yes

March 21, 2011

According to a post today at the’s forum, Apple is paying a lot of attention to iPad 2 returns – and this worked out in at least one consumer’s favor.

The forum post notes that Apple store staff have been asked to report the reason for any iPad 2 returns – ostensibly so that Apple can be alerted to product defaults or other issues by troubleshooting the returned devices.

One returned iPad 2 came back with a note on it that read, “Wife said no”. Apparently this was escalated to some higher ups at Apple – and the person who returned it was sent a free iPad 2 with a note that read, “Apple said yes”.

This is definitely amusing and cute. I’m not sure it’s true – but it does sound like something Apple might do. If nothing else, it’s a great “web” rumor – and it’s spreading like wildfire!