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April Fools! Have You Fallen For It?

April 1, 2008

It’s April Fools Day, and that means companies such as Google come out with some interesting new services! Of course, being the internet, it’s really easy to get fooled. Here are some of today’s April Fools Jokes, and some are pretty convincing.

In Gmail, you may notice a new feature called “Gmail Custom Time,” which allows its users to send emails back in time. When you compose a message, you will see a drop down that allows you to send email an hour ago and back until April 1, 2004, when Gmail launched. How does it work? Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality, and sends you to the Wikipedia entry Grandfather Paradox to understand it better.

Google announced a joint project with the Virgin Group to form Virgle, which is aiming to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars starting in 2014. Get more information and apply to be a Virgle pioneer.

Google announces gDay in Australia which is a new search technology (currently in beta) that searches web pages 24 hours before they are created. It is a core technology powered by MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation). How accurate is gDay? Well, according to their FAQ, anywhere between 75% and 95%, and depends on the website in question and the day of the week. Their spiders don’t work on Sundays.

On the YouTube homepage, click on any of the featured videos on the main page and get Rickrolled!

PizzaHut is now PastaHut, and allows you to order online with no credit card needed! They are featuring their new Tuscani Pastas and can be ordered online at or through Total Mobile Access using text messaging or mobile web on your cell phone.

Don’t you just love April Fools on the Internet? 🙂