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Are Videos Part of Your SEM Campaign?

December 5, 2007

Search engine marketing isn’t just about optimizing the text, getting links to your site and running a pay per click campaign. Universal search is in full swing and video search is a powerful medium in which to reach out to potential customers.

According to ComScore Video Metrix Report for September 2007, Americans view more than 9 billion videos online, showing that the average online viewer watches slightly more than three hours of online video during the month. Just like standard web search, Google’s Network (specifically is proving to be the one to court when it comes to video search.Google Sites own 28.3% of the video share, and makes up 27.6% of that share (equaling to approximately 2.5 billion videos viewed). Fox Interactive Media, the #2 Video Content Site, only has 4.1% of the video share, which doesn’t even come close to Google’s powerful numbers.

So if you’re not already implementing videos into your search engine marketing campaign, it’s time to get started. And make sure to put those videos on Because not only is it the most popular video content site on the Internet, but Google and Yahoo Video Search both crawl looking for new videos.

(P.S. – right now these search engines don’t crawl the Internet looking for videos so it’s the best place to submit this type of content.)