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Are you a Web Oldtimer? Top Ten List!

November 7, 2007

I’ve been working in “web” since 1994. Amazingly enough that makes me an “old timer”. Yes, I remember when Yahoo! and Amazon started – and when AltaVista was the most awesome search engine (soon to be squashed by the “infant” Google). CompuServe and Prodigy were the original AOL. We had chat, but it sure didn’t work like AIM and even email was different (PINE anyone?).

So I’ve devised my own top ten list of how to know you’re a web “old timer”.

You Might be a Web “Old Timer” if…

10. You haven’t switched to “tabbed browsing”.

9. You got a really high score on “Elf Bowling”.

8. Hearing the hamster dance song makes you nostalgic, but mildly nauseated.

7. You can reference your memory, instead of the “Wayback Machine“.

6. You DID actually use and like Netscape at some point in the 90s.

5. You remember thinking, “What does selling books online have to do with the Amazon?”

4. You couldn’t afford to buy more than one domain name – even though the really good ones WERE available.

3. You used PINE for email, ICQ for chat or bulletin boards for user generated content.

2. You still use the browser back button instead of “back navigation” on the webpage.

1. And the #1 way to know you’re a Web “Old Timer” is you wonder why everyone keeps calling it “Web 2.0”, when you remember quite clearly that the whole point of the Internet (from day one) was to enable user generated content and sharing/exchanging information.

I hope this post made the “Old Timers” like me smile. Everyone else, feel free to leave your comments or ask questions. I’ve got YEARS of information to talk about. 🙂