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Are YOU Up for the Yahoo! ‘Greenest City in America’ Challenge?

May 15, 2007

Are you ready to take action against climate change in America? Yahoo!’s co-founder David Filo, joined by actor Matt Dillon and Global Green USA CEO Matt Petersen, will introduce “Be a Better Planet,”a program that empowers Americans to take action against climate change.

Yahoo! is on a mission to find and reward America’s most eco-friendly city. Can your hometown claim that title? Join in now to help your city win a fleet of hybrid taxis, and get free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) for your efforts.

Here’s a breakdown of how the challenge will work, as stated in Yahoo! Issues ‘Greenest City in America’ Challenge With Reward of Hybrid Taxi Fleet:

“The winning city, which will be announced following the program’s conclusion on June 8th, will be rewarded with a fleet of hybrid taxi cabs or the equivalent cash donation, to be dedicated toward city greening projects. To kick off the program, Yahoo! will also donate a fleet of hybrid taxis to New York City, recently determined to produce 1% of all U.S. greenhouse gases. By displacing traditionally fueled cabs with hybrid taxis, Yahoo! will be helping New York City edge closer to its ambitious environmental goals. The City will also save enough gas to drive a hybrid vehicle 56 times around the Earth.”

Ready to get started? Go to Yahoo! Be a Better Planet and start earning “green” credits for your city. The more credits you earn, the greener your city becomes on the Yahoo! green map and closer your city comes to being the ‘Greenest City in America!’ Sign up and receive your first compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) free and for each additional 500 “green” credits you earn get another CFL free!

To assist you in making “green” choices for your life, Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Green – a one-stop resource eco-site to inform consumers with the latest news, tips, and ways to take action. Yahoo! Green offers a personalized plan to protect the planet, it lets you choose from a menu of actions to reduce your personal carbon emissions and see the collective impact of everyone who participates. The site and personalized tool is very cool – I’ve already signed up and pledged to save 1.27 tons of CO2 emissions per year!

This is the perfect example of the internet making a difference in the world!

Take the challenge and help your city become the ‘Greenest City in America!’