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Aug 16 Affiliate Summit East, New York, NY

August 16, 2010

Jay Berkowitz to Present “Make Money With Social Media” At Affiliate Summit East
Internet marketing speaker shows how using Facebook, Twitter, social media and video production can make you money online
Boca Raton, FL – August 12, 2010 – Jay Berkowitz, a leading Internet marketing speaker and CEO of, is set to present during Affiliate Summit East in New York on August 16th. The presentation titled, “Make Money With Social Media” will help affiliates maximize their efforts in driving traffic and sales utilizing websites such as Facebook, Twitter and location based networking websites. Jay Berkowitz also shows how to make money through social media with video production by promoting his gold bar giveaway at the conference. Using YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing and social media websites, his team is garnishing buzz about this contest.
“Social media is one of the most exciting opportunities the web has seen. Using the latest tactics, businesses and individuals are able to create unique ways of driving traffic and increasing sales. One of the fastest growing spaces to make money in social media continues to be video production as YouTube is the #2 Search Engine on the Internet and the #3 most highly trafficked site,” said Jay Berkowitz, CEO and Internet marketing speaker. “Generating awareness and interest in this gold bar giveaway will unveil one of the best tactics during the presentation.”
Mr. Berkowitz has been a highly rated speaker at previous Affiliate Summit events in Miami, New York and Las Vegas. Through his writing and research for presentations, videos and podcasts, he continues to uncover the latest ways for businesses and individuals to make money through video production with social media and video sharing websites.
About Ten Golden Rules:
Ten Golden Rules is an interactive marketing agency founded by Jay Berkowitz based in Boca Raton, Florida. This search engine marketing, social media and strategic consulting agency helps companies develop programs to drive more traffic to their website, convert traffic into leads and sales, and develop ongoing communications with prospects. The 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast is available at and on iTunes. For more information please visit
About Jay Berkowitz
Jay Berkowitz has been recognized as one of the top Internet marketing speakers at many popular national and international conferences as well as a highly respected Internet marketing consultant. Mr. Berkowitz author of “The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing,” is also an active blogger, podcaster, and Internet strategist. He developed the University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Masters Certificate program and is the founder of He has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: McDonald’s Restaurants and Coca-Cola, and has managed online and offline programs for AT&T, Sprint, and leading health and fitness website Mr. Berkowitz has received numerous awards including a SOFIE Award for Best Use of Emerging Media, a Special Bernay’s Award and the Gold Medal from Women in Communications.