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Awesome internet stats – Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet – Year End Edition

December 4, 2012

Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins has become the defacto tracker of all stats internet, mobile and online. Here is her 2012 year-end State of the Internet.

The highlights for me from the presentation:

– 29% of US Adults now own a tablet or eReader (slide 2)
– 48% of kids 6-12 want an iPad for Christmas (slide 13)
– 24% of Black Friday shopping was on mobile or apps, up from 6% 2 years ago (Slide 18)
– Windows is down from 96% share to 35% (Slide 24)
– More smartphones and tablets were shipped than PC’s (Slide 25)
– Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print in 2012 (slide 30)
– Evernote (Always synched multi-device), no stat here I just love Evernote. In fact I wore my Evernote shirt to the gym this morning (Slide 36)
– Khan Academy and others ‘Anyone/Anywhere/Anytime learning’ (Slide 50)
– Yelp had 33 Million user-generated reviews up 49% (Slide 56)
– Asset-Light services: Pandora, Netflix, Zipcar, TaskRabbit, Amazon Textbook Rental, Square, eLance (Slides 61-75)

And here is a link to the slides.