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Basics of SEO


Search Engine Optimization is hands down the most important part of business online. When designing a website, SEO should be the first discussion topic and nothing else should be done until you are decisive in which direction you are headed. Content is king of SEO, so a good marketer will build a strong court.
Research to find the keyword phrases that best describe your product or service. This will give you your initial starting point. Taking those phrases and working them into each page that they most efficiently describe will break your layout down considerably. Working the phrase or phrases into the title and description of the page is important to tell the engines what the page is about. Make it as laser focused and relevant as humanly possible.
Having social plug-ins is the second major part of SEO in today’s market. The search engines, especially Google, want online business’s that their clients (searchers) can trust and get what they came looking for. Having full social sharing ability, including the ever forgotten e-mail plug-in on any and every site is crucial. This way if others are willing to take the time to praise you, Google will praise you with good search positions.
By focusing on these points when doing business and marketing online you will have the best chance of ranking well and beating out the competition. Never stop researching and developing your SEO practices. Even though most will say that SEO is technical, and the foundation is, overall adaptive management of site SEO is key to the big returns.