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Be Careful Where You Tweet!

While eating dinner at the Down House in Houston, Allison Matsu was thrown out for using Twitter. Her tweet was calling a bartender a “twerp” and used #jerkoff. Manager, Forrest DeSpain, who runs the Twitter account for the restaurant saw the tweet and took action against Matsu. This story has made national news, and caused Twitter to explode with reactions. Something interesting and true to the saying of, “there is no such thing as bad press,” I found this from @petetmayo – “The whole Twitter fiasco actually made me and my gf go check out @DownHouseHTX. Great place! Be back soon…with friends!” @jess_lw posted, “Honestly, all this craziness about @DownHouseHTX just reminded me how I’ve been meaning to check it out!”
Have you ever visited a place because it was in the news or trending is social media to see what they hype was about?