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#BeatCancer Aiming for a World Record


I know I already shared my weekly content this week but this initiative is really important me. Having lost my mother to cancer when I was very young, this disease has always cast a dark shadow over my life. Cancer impacts us all. I am sure you have personally lost someone to this horrific disease. Our own, Stuart Smith, posted a very personal missive on our blog last week thanking Facebook for helping him get through the loss of his grandfather. My husband’s grandmother was diagnosed and died within 8 weeks over 5 years ago. Sadly, we’ve all been touched.

According to, Livestrong is hoping to leverage social media for good and beat its own Guinness World Record for “Most Widespread Social Networking Message.” The record was set last year with 209,771 unique mentions in 24 hours using the #BeatCancer tag.

The best part is PayPal and SWAGG will donate $0.05 for every mention with the hashtag to cancer charities. They raised $70,000 with a $0.01 donation. You can also visit and pledge to donate more money.

I know we can beat it. Join me…get the message out there!