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BERT: Google Algorithm That Encourages to Write for People First


In our last Monthly Livestream Event we shared the ABCs of SEO – Search Engine Optimization; the basic strategies to position your website for the free search results on Google. 

One of the many things that we talked about in our session was a significant Google algorithm – BERT. That’s a nickname the industry gave to this algorithm update, abbreviated for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. 

BERT is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing. It helps a machine understand what words in a sentence mean, but with all the nuances of context. 

This new technology – BERT – helps Google understand what words mean to humans. For example, our company Ten Golden Rules – the word ten can be spelled out  “T”, “E,” ‘N,” or as a number ”1” and ‘”0” and people link to our website with both spellings, now Google knows they mean the same thing. With BERT Google is building an even deeper understanding of NLP or natural language processing. 

According to Google, BERT is the most important update in five years. If you write excellent content that is easy to understand, and write for humans and not for search engines you can become an authority on your topic and you will be more likely to show up in searches. 

As one of the interviewees on my podcast Matt Cutts – a Google spokesperson, said, “the best way to have success with search engine optimization is the ‘Apple a day’ strategy.”  

What this means: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Adding a high quality page of new content each day on your website is a great way to optimize your website. So if you can’t do a page a day, ensure that you can add a page every week and update your website with really great content that a consumer will benefit from. 

What content should you add? Based on the new algorithm it is a great strategy to answer questions that your customers are asking. This matches well with searches people do, if you have the answers Google will reward you in search results for this content. It is also beneficial to include the keyword phrases people search to look for your firm. If you are an “auto accident lawyer” it is beneficial to add phrases about car accidents, motorcycle accidents, rear-end collisions and car accident insurance.

If you want to discover more about getting your website ranked and how to show up in the first page of Google Search Results, click the link below and watch the Livestream replay. 

Plus, you will get our Ultimate ABCs of SEO Checklist to use as a guide to optimizing your website.