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Blog Tag – I’m It – One Thing I Learned at Affiliate Summit Miami

July 20, 2007

Blog tag…what an interesting concept. This game was started by Anik Singal in a post where he “tagged” 5 other bloggers to state the one thing they learned at Affiliate Summit Miami 2007. Then, Jay Berkowitz tagged me. This is one of the things I LOVE about the Internet – there are no rules – and we get to just make it all up as we go along. Inventing games (blog tag), our own cryptic online language (LOL, BRB, ROFL) and making up new words for the mainstream (wikis, vortals, blogs, etc). But, I guess for the purposes of our blog tag game, I should focus on what I learned at Affiliate Summit in Miami last week.

Truthfully, affiliate marketing is fairly new to me – and I had a lot to learn. The one really amazing thing I learned about was a web-based solution called Syntryx. I got a personal demo of this amazing website that seemingly brings every piece of analytics one could want together into a single tool. You can find top affiliates and get the most detailed information about their activity, you can see in-depth analytics of your competitors, and you can gain enough insight to assist you in making all your online business and marketing decisions.

They call it “disruptive technology”, and I can see why. With this solution, there simply are no more secrets. It’s truly mind-boggling, and even with a 30 minute personal demo, I still could not wrap my head around all the features.

Well, I guess it’s time to “tag” some people to play the game, too. Are you ready to play?

Michael Gustman (borrowing Jay’s idea, a hometeam tag)

Ze Frank (who very kindly bought me Starbucks before his keynote presentation)

Shari McConahay of Extreme Halloween Network

Tag, you’re it!