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Bloggers Come Back For More

September 7, 2007

According to a new online study that was performed by Synovate/Marketing Daily, in 1,000 people surveyed, 80% of them knew what a blog was and almost half actually visited one.

The survey found that those who visit blogs are faithful. 46% of those surveyed visit the same blogs regularly rather than seeking new information. This could also be related to age, as younger people are tending to be more active and even want to start their own blog.

Of course, while more people begin to blog, so does their ability to be used as marketing tools. Advertisements are popping up more frequently and readers are beginning to notice. According to the release, β€œ43% of blog visitors indicated that they had noticed advertisements on blog websites, rising to 61% among those aged 18 to 24.” They also found that this method of marketing is working with almost β€œone-third of consumers having clicked on an ad while reading a blog.”

Here at Ten Golden Rules we strongly recommend that companies have a blog and contribute to it daily. Your customers are able to keep up on what your business is doing and will also keep you on the top of their mind.