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Boost Your SEO with Questions & Answers

Olivia Bibbee

One of the best strategies to get Google search engine results is by answering questions in a Q&A format in blog posts and videos.

When people do a Google search, they are almost always asking a question (because they don’t know the answer).

By using a question-and-answer format for your SEO, you are optimizing for the exact search terms they are using.

In the example below, a search for “Is it worth suing after a car accident?”, our client Bryan Garrett‘s website has the best answer for this question and was the #1 free organic search result (after 2 paid ads).

Google has added the new section “People also ask” to almost all search results, demonstrating that they are designing their results to answer questions.

To find great questions to answer, let Google give you the suggestions. Just type in the start of a question and Google will suggest several more bog post ideas for you, as you see here:

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