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Breaking: ✔ Google Screened – New Top of Search Opportunity


Once every 12-18 months a huge new opportunity comes to the Internet.
Introducing: Google Screened
Google Screened is a new category of search results that appears above Google Ads, above Google Maps and Google Search results. It is similar to Google Verified that was previously introduced in-home service professionals like locksmiths, garage door repair, plumbers, air conditioning companies and more. 

Once a business, such as a law firm, has been screened by Google, they can run paid ads in this top Google Screened box. Since this box is both featured prominently above other search results and verifies the company as screened by a trusted source (Google), the opportunities to drive traffic and gain qualified leads are fantastic. This is an entirely new, valuable area of online real estate. 
This is a game-changer for businesses. 
At Ten Golden Rules, we wrote the list of ten irreplaceable guidelines that every business must follow for digital marketing success. Rule #10 is Lead the Trends – and that’s exactly what Google Screened is offering.
With this new opportunity, you have an opportunity to jump ahead of your competitors on Google searches and claim clicks. And, the faster you move, the better.
We estimate a window of opportunity of about two to three months before hundreds, if not thousands of your competitors begin to catch wind of this new opportunity and apply for Google Screened status.
So, what should you do? 
The answer is, jump in! 
Step 1: 
Get screened through the link on Google (
Step 2: 
Set up a consultation with us at 561-620-9121 We will help you set up your Google Screened account, and get the advertising in place. 
Step 3: 
Be the first! Take advantage of this new opportunity for the next few weeks, before your competitors know it exists!