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BREAKING NEWS! 2 New Factors Identified in Google Algorithm


Breaking News from our Google Reps.
As a Google Premier Partner we have access to high level reps at Google – not the bright young interns just out of school who work in Customer Service.
And we have identified 2 New critical factors that will affect your SEO, your ability to appear in the ‘Map’ search result and the new LSA Add (Google Screened). 
We identified the first one last week – all calls must be answered within 15 seconds (and no missed calls). 
The same way Google rewards websites with SEO placements that have good Analytics results, the newer products reward firms for being responsive and answering the phone!
The second new factor we have identified is review recency. One of our clients opened a brand new law firm. He has a great Rolodex and he reached out to past clients and business associates and requested 5-10 reviews per week. And it worked! He is up to over 65 reviews and his calls and traffic from Google Maps and LSA ads are fantastic – over 60 leads last month. His traffic and cases are 3 to 4 X two other local firms.
And, our Google reps confirmed it. You need lots of reviews, and a high star rating and the most important new factor in the algorithm is recency of reviews.
We hear it all the time “It’s hard to get people to leave reviews, especially when they don’t have much time or feel like they don’t know how to write one.”
So, now that this is a critical success factor, here are 6 ways to get more reviews:
Get set up on major review sites (Google is priority #1) and encourage customers to leave feedback after their service. A recent study showed that 72% of consumers left a review for a local business when asked.

  1. Ask for Reviews and Make it Easy. In Google My Business (the name of your Google Maps owners tool), in the review section, you will find a link to send to your current or past clients to leave a review. 
  2. Collect Email Addresses. Asking for the client’s email address and  cell phone number is a big step toward landing a review from them. Texts requests with a review link works great!
  3. Concierge process. Offer them a great experience from the first call or meeting. Train your employees to offer 5 Star service so that a 5 star review is not a big ask.
  4. Promote fun high value contests and promotions with your employees. Some of our clients have an incentive in place. Every time they get a 4 or 5 Star review, they will get a $25-$50 gift certificate. Make it a game and chart the successes, or offer quarterly incentives for overall reviews generated.
  5. Sign up for Birdeye. They are the leaders in legal review software – they make it super easy for paralegals and other team members to gather reviews for law firms and other professional services organizations.
  6. Write a check – get a review. If you donate to a charitable organization or sponsor an event or buy tshirts for your kids softball team – when you write a check for them, kindly ask for a review in the exchange. 

Also, consider providing a review template so people have some ideas of what to write about. Use search keywords that you want to be known for in Google searches. Then when new prospects are searching for your services, you’ll rank as a top business to work with!
Let me know if you need any help with reputation management for your business. I’d be happy to help!