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BusinessWeek on Blogging…an Update


Back in May of 2005, BusinessWeek produced a story called “Blogs Will Change Your Business“. Yesterday, after noting they missed mention of Social Media in the first story, and of course citing mass changes, they posted an update called “Social Media Will Change Your Business“.

This nine page article, written in blog form, shows the progression of blogging, podcasting and other social media. It gives specific tips and references some of the biggest stories our industry has had relevant to Social Media. From the Google firing of Mark Jen to the advent of Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasian blog to Adam Curry cementing his reputation as “Podfather”.

It’s a boon to our industry when MSM (that’s “mainstream media” to you non-bloggers) reports so deeply into the emergence of Social Media. In addition, they are calling for companies to “Catch Up…or Catch you later” when it comes to Social Media in general. Their final note is to announce the start of their own blog: where they pledge to cover the “business drama ahead, as blogging spreads into companies and redefines media.”

A heady promise for MSM these days. But, I think I’ll add their blog to my reader for a while and see how it goes.