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We’ve all been there. Stuck in a constant loop of emails with no end in sight. 
You’re trying to get a meeting on the calendar, but most of your exchanges end up looking like this: 
I have an idea I would love to talk to you about. Let’s set up a meeting. 
Sure! I’m available Thursday at 3PM.
I can’t do Thursday. How about Friday?
(Reply the following week) Sorry, I was out of the office Friday. Are you free this afternoon?
Stuck in meetings until 4. Does Wednesday work?
It’s frustrating, right? These email exchanges can last days or weeks, and sometimes they fizzle out without ever resulting in a meeting. Not only is this a major headache, but it’s a major waste of time for everyone involved. 
Luckily, there’s a tool that you can use to bypass this nightmare entirely. is a simple scheduling tool that allows you to create and share your availability for meetings, calls or appointments. With just two clicks, you can share a link and they book a time. The platform automatically adds the appointment to all participants’ calendars and sends a reminder when it’s time to meet.
BONUS! Add a Zoom Meeting.
In addition, if you aren’t trying to meet face-to-face, Calendly allows you to link your Zoom account to the scheduling platform. When a meeting is scheduled, Calendly automatically creates the Zoom meeting and a conference call line and includes the meeting link in the calendar invitation. 
Now, your email exchanges look a lot less infuriating: 
I have an idea I would love to talk to you about. Can we set up a meeting? 
Sure! You can see my calendar and schedule a convenient time here: . Plus, the app will set up a Zoom Meeting for us!
Done! See you Thursday. 
This tool is useful for everyone, but is especially vital for those in networking and sales roles. If you’re asking for someone’s time or trying to pitch an idea, the last thing you want to do is make it difficult for them to accommodate your request. The easier you make it to schedule a meeting, the more likely it is that you’ll get a time on the calendar. 
The Best Business People Build a Large Trust-Based Network
The most successful business people I know have a large network of valuable resources. Whenever I come across individuals who could be part of my relationship-based referral network I set up a one-on-one meeting to get to know them personally. I learn a little bit about their background and family, I ask them if they need help with anything and I want to know what a good referral is for them. A Zoom meeting is almost as good as meeting for lunch or at a Starbucks, and it scarves a lot of time driving, parking, getting coffee etc. And when I meet someone in another geographic market on LinkedIn or through a business network I always send them my Calandly/Zoom link and Voila! A meeting appears on my calendar.
You can join Calendly for free at, and you can get free Zoom up to 40 minutes at Both tools have paid upgrades with additional features.
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