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Calling All Google AdWords Editor Users


Are you an AdWords Editor user? For those of you who are, here’s some important information.

You must upgrade to version 9.7.1 by June 12, 2012, or all of the changes you make will no longer take effect in your AdWords account after this date.

For details on how to upgrade and what’s involved, please read the AdWords Editor announcement blog post. You can also see which version you are currently using at Help -> About AdWords Editor.

Google offers AdWords Editor as a free tool for managing AdWords campaigns. Among its many features, you are given the flexibility to work offline and upload the changes later, make bulk changes quickly and copy/move items between ad groups and campaigns. For example, you may find this tool to be a lifesaver when you need to adjust the bids of thousands of keywords within a few seconds.

What has been your experience with AdWords Editor?

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