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Cascading Content – A Simple Social Media Strategy for Social Media Sharing

April 12, 2010

Get Your Social Media Campaign on Track with One of Marketing’s New Trends
Cascade-Content-Infographic-TGRI often get asked the question ‘How can I do social media? I don’t have the time/budget/team.’ Cascading Content is a simple Social Media strategy for any company or individual – here’s how it works.
Cascading Content, one of social media marketing’s new trends, can start with any type of information worth sharing. It could be an article, a video, a presentation or a press release. Let’s start with an article, because many companies already have a newsletter, and if you don’t have one I consider this a fundamental part of every marketing campaign. You should have a monthly (or weekly) eNewsletter featuring 3 or 4 articles that will be helpful for your customers and prospects. eMail the newsletter using a simple inexpensive email manager like Constant Contact or AWeber.
The next step is to add each article to your website as a new web page. Google and the other search engines will read these new pages and increase your chance of being found in web searches. Each article should be 500-600 words (the minimum for search optimization is 250 words, the max is 1,000). You can link to these pages from a ‘Newsletter’ link on your website navigation.
Now here’s where the ‘cascading’ part of the social media strategy starts. Like water cascades down a waterfall, you can cascade the content in the article down through your social media. The first step is to pick one of the main themes of the article and add a paragraph to your blog linking back to the article. Next, create a short summary of the article and write a headline and post this in Facebook linking to the article. Copy the same headline into Twitter and Google+ and include the link. If you have business connections in LinkedIn, you can also post this in the popular business to business social site. If you have a great image in the article, you can post it in Pinterest and Instagram with a link.
Cascading Content shouldn’t be the only content in your social media channels, but it creates a great baseline of information if you aren’t already active in your social channels. Another value for cascading content is that few people will subscribe to all of your social properties. Someone subscribed to your eNewsletter is unlikely to also be your Facebook fan and Twitter follower – so you’ll reach people in the channel they prefer to use through this new trend in marketing.