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Changes in Internet Marketing


I came across 9 Years of Internet Marketing and Everything Continues to Change, and found myself getting a little nostalgic. I’ve been an internet marketing specialist for five years and in that short time, I’ve seen the emergence of Google AdWords. I witnessed the end of Inktomi and paid placement’s rebirth by Yahoo. I watched Google go from being the new kid on the block to being main search engine that every SEO is courting.

“Today there are 3 main players in the search engine world, content is king and offsite factors are a greater influence in your online success.”

I couldn’t have paraphrased the current state of SEO better myself. It’s great to see businesses moving away from traffic generation and looking more conversation and online branding. More than ever, it’s important to understand your customer, creating internet marketing campaigns towards the keyword phrases/buzz words that your customers are looking for, and write your pages with the language that appeals to the different personas that make up your customer base.

We have come to a point where site users play a growing role of the success of your website. So companies looking for long term success need to make sure that the message, delivery and execution of services are always at the highest levels.

In my opinion, this is an exciting time for internet marketing. In order to survive marketers will need explore permission marketing, turning off the annoying spyware and approach their customers with a relevant message. Long live relevancy!