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Changes to Adwords (For the Better)

February 20, 2007

As many of you probably have noticed in your Adwords campaigns, new tools have been added. The most obvious and probably the most valuable to everyone is the ability to pause individual keywords, ad creatives and sites (for site targeted campaigns). This is very valuable tool as previously if you wanted to pause an individual keyword you either had to pause the entire ad group or move the keyword into its own ad group and then pause the ad group. Adwords says that this tool is the result of the feedback of advertisers.

Another valuable change to Adwords, is a change to their Quality Score along with the ability to see an approximation of your Quality Score. To see your Quality Score, simply log into your account, and go into an ad group, click on the customize columns and display Quality Score. Its a pretty basic rating, either Great, OK, or Poor. Just like in the past, Ads with Higher Click through Rates (Great Rating) get the benefit of lower CPCs than those ads that are OK or Poor in Quality Score.

If any of you want to be kept more up to date on changes in Adwords, I recommend you checking out their blog, Inside Adwords or come back here for updates. Additionally, if you want to see more changes in Adwords, you can always email them suggestions.