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We just recently launched a new website and internet marketing strategy for Levy & Associates Tax Consultants and Attorneys with locations in Florida and Michigan.

You can check out their new website here –


This website is a great example of a site that is built for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Usability and Conversion:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This website features high quality content and simple navigation structure that is easy for the search engines (and people) to navigate.
  • Strong conversion based design – The Conversion design for this site is based on testing completed on pay Per Click landing pages. The website speaks clearly to their ideal customer and answers their most pressing questions. We feature: Tax Specialists for Over 20 Years, the best resolution to your tax problem, professional help to assist with your tax problems, etc. Your customers want to know “What’s In It For Me”. We have a clear “Call-to-Action” at the top right of the website, focus on “Call us now” and a Chat Now option.
  • Social Proof – The website features awards from Better Business Bureau with a A+ rating; testimonials & reviews from happy customers across the web. Your customers’ biggest apprehension is “Can I Trust This Company?” Reviews, testimonials & ratings are the best mechanism to help them feel confident in contacting your company!

Is your website built to convert? Is it optimized to rank on page one for the most important keywords in your area? Do you have a proactive strategy to drive more authority in the form of content, links, citations & online reviews on an ongoing basis?

If not, we should talk.

We specialize in working with Legal & Professional Services and we would love to help you drive more calls, leads, and revenue by getting your internet marketing right. You can call us at 561-620-9121 or click here to schedule a time on Jay’s calendar.

To your continued success!