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Color & Marketing for Your Website

February 20, 2009

Recently one of our clients embarked on a website redesign with us consulting for them. During our first meeting with the website designer, I was fascinated to hear about the science behind choosing a color scheme for the website.

As Internet Marketers, we don’t always think about the minutia of design criteria, but the designer had it covered. Through a few questions, he was able to help the client gel his ideas of what he wanted his website to convey and achieve. The end result was an established color palette meant to inspire trust and caring. As a personal injury attorney in the highly competitive New York area, this was an important message to the client.

When you’re considering a website redesign or even overall brand and identity creation, get familiar with the science of color – learning how to create an instant impact through color and design. Since you’ve got about 4 seconds to make a lasting impression on your website visitors, it’s a very important exercise. Check out the Color Matters website for more information and to get started in the right direction.