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Communication is Key


Matt the Intern here. I recently learned some important information about Company Communication on your website. When a company is selling a product or service to a consumer, they must be easy to get into contact with, in case the buyer has any questions.
The most important thing is to offer different options because people have different needs and preferred ways of communicating. The 3 main contact options for a website are phone, chat and forms.
One of the most reliable forms of communication is through phone calls.
Your phone number should appear in the top right corner of your website, and in the footer at the bottom of every page and on the Contact Us and About Us pages. If a customer is confused about something, and they can’t find the answer on the website make it easy for them to contact you.
Another great form of communication is a chat box.
This gives the customer access to type a question to an online member of the company, and receive a quick answer. This very efficient because it is quick and requires little to no effort for the customer. Many consumers prefer chat, and adding chat has increased sales 10 – 30% for our clients.
A third fantastic form option is a form fill.
Form fill: An online form that a customer fills out so that the company can stay in contact with that customer. This works well with most companies because they can keep the customer up to date on new information or deals.
Accessibility and communication is key for success of your web business.
Strong communication can:
– Bring a higher number of leads.
– Increase the number of sales in a company.