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Completing the Sale

April 18, 2008

In the world of ecommerce, it’s important for online stores to remember their purpose…to sell.

Many of today’s ecommerce websites are filled with interactive flash applications and complicated site structures that are filled with content that is skimmed over. Even though the content on a site will most likely not be read in its entirety, content should not be overlooked because it is vital factor for Search Engine Optimization.

If you browse many small businesses on the internet that sell something you will come across attractive images, logos, and content, but where is the hard sell? Definitely one of the most important, and forgotten, aspect of an ecommerce site is the sell, the content that tells the consumer exactly what to do. Most consumers are busy, they don’t have the time or patience to scour a site, it is up to you, the seller, to make all the information they need to buy your product accessible and easy to use. It doesn’t take much either:

For example: “Click the link below to view available pieces and prices, order some products, and have them shipped to you quickly.”

These are tried and true methods of advertising. Attract the customer, ask for the sale, and then make the transaction easy, predictable, and accessible. Do it! The results will speak for themselves.