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Create a Video Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps


Video marketing is one of the most effective kinds of web marketing available today. Most companies have a YouTube Channel at the very least, and many feature video right on their home page. Getting video marketing right can mean increased conversions and higher profits in the long run – so why not start with creating a video marketing plan? Here are 5 steps to making your plan a great one:

  1. Set your goals and budget – Set a budget and determine what services you will need to pay for in order to make your video marketing the best. Will you create the content yourself, or hire someone to do it? Will you need to license music, use what’s available for free, or create your own? Will you pay to have your videos promoted on platforms like YouTube?
  2. Define the target audience – Who will be watching your videos? Do you need to categorize your videos into different types for different audiences? For example, you wouldn’t show the same videos to doctors as you would to patients.
  3. Create content – Create scripts and storyboards for your videos, then create them! Don’t be afraid to get funny and creative – for example, check out these “Retail Fail” videos by WhizBang! Training.
  4. Choose a video platform – Vimeo, Youtube, Brightcove, Metacafe –  there are endless free and paid options to display your videos to the customer. Develop a strategy for which video platforms you will use.
  5. Develop a distribution plan – It’s easy to embed video from many platforms, so be sure to spread your content on social media and the web. Make sure that your video content gets onto your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blog, and website.

Need more ideas? Check out our article 10 Steps to Video Marketing Success.