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Creating an Engaging Facebook Business Page

October 22, 2010

By Leah Herman
Creating your Facebook business page and engaging your fans is a delicate balance of creativity, timeliness, and cat memes. Although that last point is a bit of a joke, adding the spice of humor to your page is a great way to grab attention. Here are some Facebook marketing tips for what kind of content you should post, how often you should post it, and how you should handle your lovers – and haters.
What Should I Post?
Facebook-ArticleThere are four types of content that are generally posted on Facebook business “fan pages” – text, videos, pictures, and links. Each one has a different general level of interest to fans, with pictures usually garnering the most attention and videos and links garnering the least. Some posts incorporate multiple content types, such as the photo below. It includes an image and a link to an event.
The best way to go about disseminating content on your page involves a mix of all of these types of media. Not only do you want to include images, but you also want to make sure that you have a great mix of links to blog posts (from your own blog and authoritative sources in your field), YouTube video clips, links to articles in the news or elsewhere, and, of course, mentions of noteworthy happenings in your business or in your industry. While it’s great to include promotional content every once in a while, make sure that it is kept to a minimum. In order to become a trusted authority in your business, it’s important that you are seen to provide valuable information to your target demographic.
How Often Should I Post?
Facebook-Article2While there is no standard set for how often you need to post to your Facebook page, a great general guideline is to post between 1-3 times per day. As for specific times of day that are good to post at, the best way to determine this is to go to your Insights and check the effectiveness of past posts to see what times the most popular ones were posted at. This should give you a general idea of when your target market is most active. Don’t forget to post on weekends, too – this is an often forgotten segment of time that often brings your page the most engagement. If you aren’t available for posting on weekends, it’s easy to use the clock icon on the bottom left of a post to automatically send out your post when you want it sent out.
How Should I Engage with My Fan Base?
Facebook-Article3Always respond to comments as quickly as possible. For this reason, it’s best to check your Facebook every day and look for new comments on your photos or wall. The fastest way to see new comments and likes, however, is by clicking on the “Notifications” tab at the top right of your page. Lovers are easy to deal with – just thank them, or respond to their questions or comments enthusiastically.
As for haters, there are a few ways to deal with comments. If you think a comment is inappropriate for your page in general, for example, if it contains sexual or violent commentary, you can remove it from your page. However, if a comment is a complaint directed at your company, it’s best to respond instead of deleting. Apologize for any inconvenience and level with them. They will appreciate your honesty.
Here are your takeaways: post relevant, funny, or interesting stuff to your Facebook page (bonus points if it’s timely!). Make sure that you post between 1-3 times per day, and always respond to your fan base, even if you don’t like what they have to say. And make sure that you always post plenty of pictures of cats – just kidding. If you follow these simple rules for creating a great Facebook business page, you’ll have a quickly growing audience that’s happy to engage with you.