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Diagnose Your Adwords Keywords

July 6, 2010

Google is offering a new tool as part of the latest Adwords interface that allows you to diagnose the keywords you are bidding on. If you have large campaigns with long keyword lists, it can be difficult to monitor the quality score and status of all your keywords. This new feature simplifies the task of diagnosing your keywords and also provides a way to manage keywords that have quality issues.

To run the diagnosis, begin on the “Keywords” tab of the campaign or ad group you are looking to diagnose. From the “More actions” dropdown menu, select “Diagnose keywords”. Once you click “Run Report” you will be provided a list of your keywords with the corresponding status. If the status of a keyword is “Ad showing now”, the keyword and bid is fine. If you see something like “Low bid or quality score” you will know that you will have to make tweaks in your campaign or remove that keyword.

If you want to take care of all keyword issues at once, you can set up filters within your campaign. With filters, you can remove all the keywords with low quality scores or other issues you identify.