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Did You Know You Can Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle?

November 30, 2012

Sure we all know that you can publish eBooks and PDFs on Amazon Kindle, but did you know you can publish your blog too? Yes! That means your everyday blog just like this one.

And better yet, it’s free, simple, and could benefit you monetarily along with generating additional traffic. Although Amazon only pays you 30%, it’s free money for the taking. Your free blog now has the potential to make 30% with very little effort.

Follow these 3 steps to publish your blog:

1. Sign in or create a Kindle Publishing Account
2. Add and preview your blog
3. Publish

Now don’t expect to see a huge surge because of this implementation. However, with little investment on your part (aside from the blog posts you would be publishing anyway), it is worth testing. Check out this blog post from Ali Abbas for more details.

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Image credit: kodomut