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Directv Tivo Scheduling on the Go

January 23, 2008

Just last week, I mentioned how Google Maps and the iPhone are making my life easier, well now Directv is stepping up as well.

Quietly over the weekend, Directv released a beta version of their new DVR Scheduler for computers and select mobile phones or any phone with internet access. The Scheduler is simple enough, lets say you are not at your home and you forget to Tivo your favorite show,all you need to do is just login to your account and you can schedule your DVR to record your show. And if you are stuck in traffic or have no access to your laptop, DVR Scheduler allows you to login to Directv’s mobile site and schedule a program to record from your mobile phone. The mobile site looks almost custom fitted for my iPhone screen and the interface could not be easier or faster especially with the touch screen.

Directv also sends you a confirmation email to let you know your show will be recorded. I do not know of any other cable providers currently offering this or a similar service, if anyone does, please feel free to leave the information in the comments section. Slingbox is certainly an option. But you have to buy a slingbox, Directv Scheduler is part of your existing Directv service. But currently Slingbox is not compatible with my iPhone.