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Do Google+ Communities Influence Your Organic Rankings?


As Google+ continues to roll out features, Google+ Communities is the latest to be premiered. Google+ Communities are places for people to gather together, have rich conversations, and explore the interests they share. Perhaps you can even think of them as modern-day forums. Resembling LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities appear to be a valuable element to your overall Google+ presence.

How can Google+ communities help your organic visibility? The content within Communities is public by default (although there is an option for private). This affords you with the opportunity to give Google fresh, relevant, and valuable content for indexing. If you can create and fuel a Community that its members are active in, you can exhibit your authority on the topic and can potentially impact your Google rankings.

Google+ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Google has plenty of capital and resources to dedicate to the platform and has clearly demonstrated just how invested they are. Now is the time to evaluate your overall Google+ strategy while it isn’t saturated with your competitors.

What opportunities do you envision for your business with Google+ Communities? Please leave a comment below.

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