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Do Not Track Registry for Internet Users

August 4, 2010

Originally proposed back in 2007, the FTC is once again considering the implementation of a “Do Not Track” list which is comparable to the “Do Not Call” registry. This legislation would hide Internet users’ browsing activity from online advertisers as a whole rather than having to do so on a website by website basis. According to reports, the “Do Not Track” list would keep advertisers from using cookies to track your browsing and purchasing history. The registry would also prevent advertisers from serving ads based on your behavior.

Although it will take time for us to learn more about this legislation, it poses many questions. Is the concept even feasible? What could this mean for advertisers and businesses? The legislation has its pros and cons depending on what angle you look at it from. Personally, I’m not completely against being served ads or search results based on my online behaviors. It actually turns out being more relevant than not for the most part.

Do you see this potential legislation as positive or negative?