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Do we need another Web Browser?


We are far away from 1990’s when Netscape and Internet Explorer were in a battle for the internet browser popularity, Microsoft to impose their Active X and under the hood technologies and Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, etc with the early Java language. Now the history is back again and the war is not over, Firefox retook the ashes from Netscape and it has a nice market share. Suddenly the giant Google appeared on the stage, Chrome a full equipped internet browser with the powerful Java V8 engine and the rendering webkit engine (used also by Apple, Adobe and Nokia) is the new threat for Microsoft.

But what’s Google trying to do? Why do we need another web browser? Google is not just a search engine company, it’s more than that, Google is involved in a multiple web based applications and tech gears such as the new mobile devices operating system Android, web based office applications, leader in web advertising and of course a search engine use for at least 80% of the total Internet users. For Google Chrome is not just a better browser to offer to consumers, is their own platform to run efficiently their office desktop applications. I’m totally agreed with Matt Asay from “Chrome is a Trojan Horse for bundling Google’s Gears onto your PC”.
Today you need Windows to run Chrome but probably in a couple of months when Mac and Linux versions will be available, Chrome will be the new threat to Microsoft’s operating system dominance.