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Do You Have a Facebook Page for Your Dog?


I was on Facebook the other day (common trait working for an online marketing agency), and noticed my cousin’s dog (a nice black labrador retriever) with its own profile and about 15 or so friends. Since their privacy settings on their wall posts were open I had a peek to see what exactly they were writing about. For the most part he writes about how good looking he is. Here were some statistics I found from a recent survey that Lab42 did of dog owners:

  • 14% of dog owners have Facebook accounts for their dogs.
  • 94% have Twitter accounts for their dogs. (Maybe microblogging makes better sense for dogs versus status updates).
  • 94% have Flickr accounts for their dogs
  • 73% have YouTube accounts for their dogs

Then the survey goes into how much do you spend a year on your dog, and a few more demographic questions.

When I saw that my cousin put up a page for her dog I admittedly thought about doing the same but for now I will leave it to just writing about her constantly on my own wall. The way I see it, if she has her own profile then it’s all downhill for me since she’ll most doubtedly need her own Farmville farm and I have already overdosed on that game.

About the Author:

The author loves his French Mastiff, Avion, and feels that adding an online presence would conflict with her already full schedule of sleeping, eating, and going for walks in the shade.