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Does Foursquare Make Sense For Your Business?

February 1, 2012

As of January 2012, the Foursquare community consists of around 15 million people worldwide. Did you know Foursquare has over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day? There are over 600,000 businesses using the Foursquare Merchant Platform.

So, with these numbers, it is worth asking yourself the question – does Foursquare make sense for my business?

Watch this video to put Foursquare into context:

Foursquare can be used to obtain new customers and keep loyal customers coming back. As a business, you can get really creative with specials, loyalty programs, and discounts. And remember, if you are establishing your business on Foursquare, create a presence that is exciting to engage with. Make a customer’s encounter with you not just simply an interaction but make it an experience.