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Dyve Deep into the Web

November 11, 2008

DeepDyve, formerly Infovell has released a beta version of their deep Web search tool designed to dig below the surface of the Internet, reaching resources not indexed in Google and the other major search engines. With over 500 million pages indexed to date, DeepDyve is targeting in-depth, professional content that resides deep within the Web.

By using a search algorithm that matches patterns and symbols, DeepDyve returns complex data that is not likely to be found in traditional keyword searches. The goal is to filter out opinion sites and irrelevant content for researchers looking for highly relevant, non-opinionated information on complex topics.

Although this search tool can be used for free upon registration, a more complete version is available for $45 per month. While the major players in search offer free access without registration, we will see just how much people are interested in reaching these deeply buried web pages.