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Earth Day Applications For The iPhone

April 22, 2010

Earth Day shouldn’t just be for one day, we should respect the planet year round. Here are nice FREE apps that can help you do that. I only select 9, because I wonder what you think the 10th should be?

Earth911’s iRecycle iPhone app allows people to locate the nearest recycle facility specific to their items.

Coupon Sherpa
Want to forget about cutting coupons for the year? Shoppers can access in-store coupons through the phones without cutting or printing any paper.


This app helps you find safe healthy food while shopping. Simply scan the bar code and get detailed rating for health, environment and social responsibility.

Carbon Calc
Want to know your carbon footprint? How much do you consume with your home, car, traveling? It may not be accurate, but it sure gives you an idea of how much energy you use. It also allows you to purchase carbon credits if you are using too much.

Cruelty Free
This is your guide to cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Greenpeace Tissue Guide
This free app gives you the power to make an informed decision when purchasing tissue paper. Experts rate products from “recommended,” “could do better” and “avoid!”

Seafood Watch
Do you know where the seafood you eat is coming from? With the Seafood Watch app, you’rea able to tell the origination point of what you’re about to eat at grocery stores and restaurants.

Your community has people that are updating information about eating local foods. From events and products, you can receive notifications of local formers markets, gardening tips and more community functions.

If you’re trying to become a vegan or part time vegetarian, than this app is for you. It will help you make smart decisions on what to eat and demystify what you thought you once knew about animals being in everyday foods.