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Ebay Displaying Targeted Ads (again)

May 28, 2008
Over a year ago I boutght an unlocked Nokia 8801 on ebay. Since that time I have changed phones twice, making a lateral move to a Palm 680 and then upgrading to an IPhone. When I went to eBay earlier today to check on some Adidas shoes I was bidding on (sorry no link, I want to win them) this was the ad I saw on the homepage.

Now since I bought my last two phones somewhere other than, the ad serving system does not know that I no longer use that phone, but maybe because I have bought other phones on eBay it may assume I am in the market for a new phone (I am, but for a new 3G IPhone, when it comes out). In any case, when targeted ads are discussed and how some banner ads can be effective, this is certainly an example of how highly targeted, personalized ads can be drive actions. This time it reminded me that I probably should sell the 8801 on ebay and lucky for me I know of a great ebay consignment shop here in Boca Raton, the eAuction Cafe on Federal Hwy.