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Ever Wanted To Create Your Own iPhone App?

January 20, 2010

Apps are all the rage on cellphones, especially the iPhone. Because I am personally an iPhone user, I am just touching on iPhone apps, but I am aware other phones do have apps as well. I always thought that programmers were the only ones able to create iPhone apps, but now, anyone who has an RSS feed can make a simple iPhone app. So, if you’re a company with a blog, or a serious blogger, an iPhone app can be a great touch to your personal brand or for your company.

With, you can create an iPhone app for $25. You add some feeds, then customize the look and feel, and then create an icon and information for the Apple App store. You can even monetize your iPhone app by paying extra. By paying $99, it allows you to monetize your app by integrating it with their ad network. Using iSites even offers analytics on downloads, app views and which of your content is the most popular.

I think its pretty cool and for $25, it’s definitely worth a try!