Every Page Is Your Homepage

Every Page Is Your Homepage

I was so happy today when I saw this blog post from Mitch Joel, over at the Six Pixels of Separation blog. Long have I lobbied for Internet marketers to stay focused on the every day user – not the tech-savvy advanced users our industry comprises.

Yes, this is a simple idea – ANY page of your website can be the homepage because it is the entry point for a particular visitor. But, this fact is often lost on web professionals and website owners. So much attention is placed on the homepage, and interior pages get little regard.

But we need to realize that first and foremost, we must consider the every day user. They are, after all, our potential market – our audience. Although many millions use the Internet daily, most except the very immersed use it only casually – for whatever they’ve found it useful – and that’s as far as they take it. It’s a tool – a means to an end.

So, when they do a search and find a webpage, it IS the homepage to them. Is your website architected with this in mind?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:05h, 25 April Reply

    I agree that Internet marketers should make things understandable and acceptable to everyday user but there are few things I’d like to add.
    Web sites and online services being friendly to everyday user is always nice but very often I find the everyday user not capable of apprehending the technical as well as marketing aspects of Internet business. For this reason I think that certain Internet industries especially those which require technical skills and a great deal of knowledge and learning on the part of a customer should focus on advanced users. Many times I find everyday user not having enough knowledge to realize the real truth and value behind a specific advice so he ends up in disbelief. What I want to say is that there is a great deal of convincing an everyday user that you’re being honest and telling the truth. In cases like this advanced users are much more likely to understand what you’re talking about and to act upon it. If you’re trying to teach someone how to run an Internet business and earn money advanced users are much more capable of seeing the real opportunity. Everyday user is often very confused and sees everything as a scam. If you’re honest about trying to teach someone how to earn money on the Internet you’ll find advanced users much more responsive.

    Mario Andreis

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