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Facebook Adds Tagging to Comments


For those of you who are not familiar with “tagging” in Facebook, let me be the first to explain it to you. Facebook gives you the ability to tag people by using the @ symbol. For example, if I’m updating my status and I want to include one of my friends in the update I can type the @ symbol and a list of my friends will display. Once you find the friend you want to tag, select your friend, and they’re now tagged in your status update.

Until last week, you could not tag people in the comments section of anything posted on Facebook; you were limited to status updates and wall posts. However, you now have the ability to tag people in comments. I think this is brilliant on Facebook’s part. You now can include any of your friends in a comment you make on Facebook. Think about how many more interactions that will be created due to the new tagging feature. LOL, I’ve used the new tagging feature numerous times already to goat my friends into discussions.

@Facebook, thanks for the new super cool tagging feature, not sure if my friends feel the same…