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Facebook Backlash?

May 13, 2010

You’ve probably heard the rumblings….”What about my online privacy?” “Why does Facebook seems to read my mind?” “Why can’t I control what I put in Facebook?” “What? My tweets are being stored by the Library of Congress?!”

For months now, people have been asking these questions, sparking conversations that are almost always polarizing.

Well, now we’re going to see what happens when people stop just talking and start making up their minds to do something about it.

“Diaspora” is one such result. Students from NYU have decided they are going to create the “anti-Facebook” and although they set out to raise only $10,000 to do so – they have actually raised over $100,000! And you can contribute to the project too, right here at (for as little as $5, you get stuff in return).

Their project aims to provide you complete control of a “seed” of your data – photos, posts, reviews, tweets, etc. And from this seed, YOU control what happens with it. No other website OWNS your data – and therefore – cannot benefit from its existence.

The students are planning to “take the summer” to do the work – then release what they create. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.