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Facebook Update: Encourage Fans to Tag Your Business Page in Photos Now


Mashable has announced, starting today (although it hasn’t been completely rolled out yet with all of the details), Facebook users will now be able to tag Pages (products/brands) and People (i.e. celebrities) in their Facebook photos.

What does this mean for your Business Page?

Free advertising! Anyone can tag a Page in a photo, regardless if they Like the page or not. These tagged photos will appear in a Page’s photos page. As you would expect, privacy settings will still apply to whom a user’s photos are exposed to.

How do you take advantage of this feature?

Encourage your fans to tag your Page within their photos. Interact with your fans so that their desire to tag your Page within their photos just happens naturally. For example, if I purchase fitness attire from your Company and I attend a sporting event with a group of friends, take some photos, and tag your Business Page in my photos – your Page has now been exposed with free advertising from me, your customer.

How will you engage your fans to tag your Page in photos?

Image credit: jadendave