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First Declared Viral Video for 2010

January 20, 2010

Yes, that’s right! Adam Ostrow, Editor-in-Chief at Mashable, has affirmed the first viral video of the year, “Pants on the Ground.” Brought to you by Atlanta, GA, “General” Larry Platt has become an online sensation, generating millions of views on YouTube and has over 1 million fans on Facebook. Even Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings sang this tune after a victorious game.

I must admit while watching this performance on the show, I agreed with Simon that we would see much more of the “General.” After its American Idol debut, “Pants on the Ground” has been aired on radio stations nationwide and was performed on The View. Now the question remains, will it surpass last year’s unforeseen star Susan Boyle who had over 120 million YouTube views?