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Foursquare Fever?

April 1, 2010

We have it and our office is a buzz about it! We have declared war on becoming Mayor of TGR.

First, Foursquare is a new location based social networking app that allows you to share location with friends. From going to work, the mall, dinner and more, you “check-in” with your mobile device and your friends are notified. After so many check ins and points, you are able to earn badges or even become the “Mayor” of different locations.

Here at Ten Golden Rules, we are all using Foursquare and we are all trying to be the “Mayor” of the office. How fast does it change? Well, as you can see, Susan was once the mayor. She accumulated so many check-ins that she was the leader.

That was until our CEO, Jay Berkowitz, took that over. But as of today, Stuart became the mayor ruling over our CEO….

who has now declared Forsquare WAR!

Now, I’m trying to catch up and review my stats. I need to see how I’m going to be able to pull off becoming Mayor. If you have any tips, please send them to me 🙂

How is this applicable to businesses?

Everyone wants to be the Mayor! Certain locations like Starbucks is testing out a loyalty program and using it for reward points. Other restaurants are offering a free drink or discounts on dinners to the mayor’s of their locations.