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Friendly Music Launches New Music Service for YouTube


Have you ever posted a video on YouTube to find it removed, blocked, or ads placed on top of the video due to music copyright violations? For the average user, dealing with copyright issues is cumbersome and confusing. But fret no more, tomorrow you will not have to worry about finding a trusted music resource any longer.

Rumblefish officially launches Friendly Music tomorrow, June 29th. The service will allow everyday (noncommercial purposes) YouTube users to find the perfect legal song with over 35,000 songs in their catalog from 35 countries, all for just $1.99 a song. Included in the price is the license, the full version of the song, along with having the ability to edit the song to your liking. Although you will not find songs from any of the four major record labels, the Company did state they are in hopes of having deals in place within the upcoming months with “name artists.”

In my opinion, this is a useful alternative for the YouTube user who needs to add a song and ensure their video will not be taken down. Friendly Music has hand-selected the songs they offer and also provides you with the ability to search my genre, mood, whether or not it contains vocals etc. The price is definitely worth it to me to avoid the complications of using a copyrighted song.

Below is a video explaining the service:

What are your thoughts on the service?